Brand Story
`GENE’- There is a reason behind our brand name derived from the word gene.
The term gene is defined as a transfer of an information data base, with an array of complex biological sequences, being core inheritance.
Here is one particular outfit made with thread and material which constitutes a designer’s innovation and inspiration. Although a garment is a garment, GENE par YUKIO MISHIBA / GENE by YUKIO MISHIBA emphasizes not only an organic material, but a complete product of transcended variety of genes. The fabric becomes newer, by the designer’s professional craftsmanship, and creates a visualization of different tastes and nuances. There is no reproduction nor limitations in the process. At times being plants, rubber, ink. At times crude and elegant.
At times blunt and delicate. Like sound and light. It is extreme beyond gender preference,transcended into form, with its entire possibilities hidden. Possibilities are spread through the genetic transcending of the `chooser` and the one who chooses the attire. It is borderless, no race nor age. Free sensibility and creativity are achieved at this instant, and then new genes are released.
Designer Profile


Establishment of MoltoBelle 1998.
Began duty as import sales in Italy, import sales of European fabric and product and production / import sale in Asia. As a textile designer , drastically pursued in material development.. Manufacturing thoroughly carried, always being on season lead in top trend. In 2008 ,GENE by Yukio Mishiba announced A/W collection at exhibition in Italy, Paris, and New York.